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The SiC Processing GmbH is the World Market Leader for the Recycling of Slurry from Wafer Sawing Processes of PV and Semiconductor Industries. 

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Information to the bondholders of SiC Processing GmbH
(ISIN: DE000A1H3HQ1 / WKN: A1H3HQ)


In a vote without meeting between 18 and 20 March 2013, the creditors of the up to 100 million EUR SiC Processing bond with a coupon of 7.125% due on 1 March 2016 (ISIN: DE000A1H3HQ1 / WKN: A1H3HQ) have elected G&P GmbH & Co. KG, Theatinerstraße 36, 80333 München, as their common representative. The voting result published by the insolvency court on 22 March 2013 can be accessed here. The corresponding publication can also be accessed via the central website of German insolvency courts:


On this website, please click „Bekanntmachungen suchen“ on the left side and select „Detail-Suche“. Under “Bundesländer”, please select “Bayern”, and under “Gericht” select “Amberg”. Please enter “SiC Processing” into „Firma bzw. Name des Schuldners“. Start the search by selecting „Suche starten“.

In accordance with § 19 Abs. 3 SchVG, the common representative is solely authorized and obligated to assert the claims of the bondholders in the course of the insolvency proceedings. The insolvency debtor as well as the common representative therefore ask the bondholders to register at the common representative with their name, address and nominal bond amount, if not already done. Via the common representative, you will also be provided with new information about the insolvency proceedings with potential relevance for your claims from the corporate bond.

Preferably the registration shall be done by e-mail to:


In case a registration by e-mail is not possible, bondholders can submit their data in writing to the following address:

Günther & Partner
G&P GmbH & Co. KG
Frau Heike Franzen
- Anleihe SiC Processing GmbH -
Theatinerstraße 36
80333 München

In the case that bondholders have already registered their claims to the previous administrator, Dr. Hubert Ampferl, the new insolvency administrator will forward these documents to the common representative.



Regarding the tradability of the SiC Processing bond 7.125% (WKN: A1H3HQ / ISIN: DE000A1H3HQ1)

By request of the insolvency administrator of the assets of SiC Processing GmbH and in the interest of the bond holders, the stock exchange operator informed the specialist who ensures the trade at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange that in his opinion there are no objections to extending the tradability of the SiC Processing bond 7.125% (WKN: A1H3HQ / ISIN: DE000A1H3HQ1) at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange beyond its final maturity on the 01 March 2016.



Notification of insufficiency of insolvency estate pursuant to sections 285, 208 German Insolvency Code

Hirschau, 26 March 2013 – Today, the supervisor of SiC Processing GmbH, Dr Hubert Ampferl, has notified the local court of Amberg pursuant to sections 285, 208 of the German Insolvency Code that the insolvency estate is currently insufficient to cover the costs of the insolvency proceedings and the other liabilities of the estate which are due and payable. As a consequence, the company has – for the time being - not to satisfy the liabilities of the estate which came into existence up to now. This step enables the company, to fulfil its contractual obligations arising from service, supply, employment and other contracts and to satisfy new liabilities of the estate resulting from such contracts.